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How to Get Back Into Shape After the Holidays

Lifestyle - by Tilton Fitness
January 01, 2018

The holidays are the biggest cheat day you can give yourself and you deserve it! However, once the holiday fun is over, it is back to the workout grind. For some great tips on how to get back into shape after the holidays, check out this blog! 

1) Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself 

The worst thing you can do after indulging yourself is to beat yourself up for it! Everyone needs a break and you're allowed to stray from your diet and workout plan. In fact, a lot more people find success in sticking to their diet plan if they allow themselves to have cheat days. 

2) Drink Water 

Water is the best way to flush out your body and so it is important after a binge to drink plenty of water. Cut down on your sugary drinks and alcohol or if you can, just drink only water to flush out all the sodium and help you de-bloat. 

3) Stick to the Plan 

Fitness plans are a great way to stay with a workout program and if you have one to follow, you can just start from where you stopped before the holidays. If you don't have a workout plan, our certified trainers at Tilton Fitness, the leading gym in NJ can help you. 

For more tips on working out and staying healthy, please refer to our blog often!

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