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3 Reasons to Enlist a Workout Buddy

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
February 07, 2019

There are a few daily routines that we can practice to improve our overall health. At the top of the list: socializing and exercising! In a recent journal by Perspective on Psychological Science, it’s been shown that loneliness can have a detrimental effect on our longevity, so the trainers and staff at Tilton Fitness say, “Combine the two and exercise with your friends!”

Other than the obvious benefits, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and performing better with a workout buddy. Best friend, partner, or family member – together you two can accomplish anything! There are multiple positives to working out with a buddy, but our 3 favorites are listed below.

Less Chance for Injury

Fight fitness form together! If you're both experienced in working out, keeping an eye on form is a given! Remember, it’s still important to check with a Tilton trainer, especially when trying new routines.  

You’ll Explore the Gym More

Taking a dip in the best swimming pool in New Jersey doesn’t sound as appealing without a friend with whom to experience! A workout buddy has different skills and knowledge – two minds are greater than one. Variety is a key component to fun. 

Friendly Competition

Having someone in your support corner can make your workout a great one and help with how you feel afterward. Motivation is key to boosting goals and achieving them. Healthy competition is a good thing; it helps encourage you to perform better, so take advantage of it for a better sense of self!

Whether you’re trying new routines, maxing out on benchmark goals, or relaxing in the best swimming pool in NJ, a workout buddy is there to see a more successful you! Enroll with a friend today to increase wellness and conquer the fitness lifestyle at TiltonFitness.com

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