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Setting Realistic Goals for Fitness Newcomers

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
March 09, 2019

If you’re looking for a list of fitness goals for beginners, you’re getting started in the right direction! Tilton Fitness prides itself on being the premier gym in New Jersey to put goal achievement, fitness, and nutrition at the top of its priorities.

Remember, as much as we all want to look and feel our best, there’s no such thing as a universal fitness routine. Talking to personal fitness trainers at your local Tilton Fitness will help you crush personalized goals! We’ve compiled some tips below to help you get started OR use our goal planning tool designed for fitness newcomers.

Be Smart About Goal Setting

Weight loss is a long-term goal that will come when proper nutrition and routine fitness. Smart goals are goals that are measurable improvements tailored to you! These goals are realistically attainable as long as you’re timely and stick to the plan.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Knowing what your final result might be is crucial to getting there! What’s your timeline? Do you know the proper techniques to build your focus area? How will you reward yourself when you get there? Asking these questions help build motivation and your goal progress bar.

Approachable, Starting Workouts

As long as you stick to your nutrition plan and practice fitness, results will follow! If working out seems daunting, try less-strenuous workouts like a walking program, swimming, and fun classes. Prioritize consistency over intensity! 

The best thing you can do as a newcomer in the fitness world is to give yourself ample time to acclimate to healthy behaviors. Focus on what you need to do today and less about how much weight you’re losing – achieving your goals is bound to happen if you practice your routines!

Contact us today to start crushing your weight loss goals!

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