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Reaching Goals with MyZone Activity Belt

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
April 18, 2019

Enhance your fitness experience by utilizing innovative, fun, and result-changing wearable technology! Tilton Fitness has partnered with MyZone to offer classes and programs built to satisfy inner “Best fitness programs near me,” questions and concerns!

With a bold 99.4% accuracy, the MyZone belt provides gamified and inspiring additions to your usual routine by monitoring heart rate and calories. Your progress converts into points that reward your hard work and determination! It’s a great tool for those looking to spice up their workout or gain instant feedback. Some standout features of using the MyZone Belt and App:

Immediate Workout Results 

View your recent workout and personal goals on the homepage of your app. Connect with other users and add social support to your fitness routine! “Like” and comment to support others along on their own journey

Self-Motivation and Real-Time Goal Tracking

Using Bluetooth technology, the MyZone belt, and app work together to display calories burnt, heart rate BPM, and more! Browse accurate readings right at your fingertips to monitor your success or achieve your next goal.

Group Challenges

Right on the app, you can engage in friendly competition with other MyZone users. Group challenges are there for support and motivation; you can also start your own personal challenge!

Find the best fitness program near you by enhancing the experience. Discover classes and offers for solo, small, and large groups at Tilton Fitness to start moving into your goal weight today!

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