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The Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
June 20, 2019
The programs available at Tilton Fitness can seem endless sometimes. For instance, did you know we are one of the only gyms in NJ that offer swimming lessons at six of our seven locations!? It’s true! For beginning swimmers to advanced, children and adults, diving into our aquatics programs this summer can not only help you stay cool but have many other benefits as well!

Below we will cover a variety of reasons why getting swimming lessons from one of our Red Cross certified instructors at our New Jersey gyms this summer can be a significant benefit for you or your little one!

First, and foremost, knowing how to swim correctly can keep you safe! Drowning is one of the highest causes of death for children ages 1-14 in the United States, so teaching your children to swim at a young age is paramount!

Don't let those statistics fool you though! Many adults also do not know how to swim and can be at risk for very similar safety issues. No matter if you frequent the ocean, bay, or a local pool--learning proper swimming techniques and water safety protocols can keep you and your family safe this summer!

While our New Jersey gym locations offer a multitude of classes and programs to help you get fit, choosing to swim can be one of the best options! Learning how to swim correctly can develop upper and lower body muscle strength and help build endurance too! Older adults often choose to swim over some other programs because of the kindness to their joints and bones. Whether you are just getting started in forming a fitness plan or are years in, getting professional swimming lessons and visiting our pools can be an enormous benefit to your well-being!

Social Skills and Confidence
While individual lessons are available from our swim instructors, most lessons occur in group settings. Group classes allow children to learn some social cues and gain confidence as they watch and learn from each other. They will discover what to do and not do in a water activity to avoid injury and learn how to share, take turns, and establish general responsibility.

Of course, the stigma of “not being able to swim when you’re an adult” can be erased with swim lessons too. You won’t have to be nervous to jump in at a pool party, go on a friend’s boat, or go kayaking with a loved one any longer because you, my friend, learned how to swim correctly, thanks to our instructors!

For more information on Tilton Fitness’s swimming lessons and other aquatic programs at our New Jersey gym locations, contact your nearest location today and stay safe this summer with Tilton Fitness!
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