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Get Fit With Group Exercise

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
July 18, 2019
At Tilton Fitness in Galloway, NJ, as well as our six other New Jersey-based gym locations, we offer an extensive list of group fitness classes and programs. From spin classes to yoga, pilates to barbells and so many more in-between, we have a course available that can help you exceed your personal fitness and wellness goals.

Unfortunately, so many folks see fitness as solely their PERSONAL goal and nothing outside of that. And of course, it is up to you to set your own goals but having others there to help drive you can be a fantastic thing! Below we will discuss some of the benefits of group exercise classes, which you can view a full upcoming schedule of by clicking here!

Motivation to Succeed

Choosing to exercise at one of our group classes can, for some people, be intimidating. As people, we always compare ourselves to others, when you should know that YOU doing YOU, and getting happy and healthy because of it, should be all that matters!

Still, we find that working with a group, big or small, can help drive your desire further and harder than just going it alone. A bit of friendly-competition, maybe with someone that you just met and now can be friends outside of the gym with, is a perfectly healthy thing. Think of how you are driven by your co-workers, by your partner, by your friends. You all share some goal, and at the gym, it is to get healthier. Work hard with others that have similar interests, and you could see the results you have been looking for. And not to mention, you now have someone right there beside you to brag about it to!

The Trainer’s Expertise

As we mentioned in our other most recent blog “Why Work with a Personal Trainer,” our group classes are led by trained professionals that know what to do to help you achieve your goals! By taking a group class, you get so many of the benefits of one on one personal training sessions, all while getting to enjoy the shared experience!

Your group class instructor or trainer will help push not only you but your classmates to exceed during your session. They will encourage you and help coach you if they see something in your form might need improving too. You can also take their wisdom and apply it to other times at the gym, or at home when you wish to try some of these exercises alone. Any way you slice it, the group exercise trainers are here to help you be the best you.

If you are interested in finding out more about group exercise classes in Galloway, Brick, or any of the five other Tilton Fitness NJ gym locations near you, click here to see a group schedule and get in touch with us today!
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