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A Parent's Guide to Back-to-School Workouts

Lifestyle - by Tilton Fitness
August 14, 2019

We’re sad to see it go, and it is hard to admit, but Summer 2019 is almost gone! And with the coming autumn, Tilton Fitness knows that for some of our clients, this might mean a slight obstacle in their regular workout routine: school! Whether you are a teacher, a student yourself, or a parent of a student, the school year can take a lot of time, effort, and patience that you might have a bit more of during the summer months.


The good thing is that even though school is starting up, your workout and wellness routines don’t necessarily have to suffer! Sure, they will take some adjusting, but that’s why you have us! Below you can review some back-to-school workout tips that you can utilize at Tilton Fitness in Manahawkin, Northfield, or any of our seven New Jersey-based locations!


Do it When You Can!

Just because you aren’t able to get in the gym for some grind session two hours a day, five days a week anymore doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! If possible, walk your kids to school a few times a week, and if you want to step-it-up, try practicing some lunges on the walk back. Swing by Tilton Fitness for a shorter, more intense session or new class that might be outside of your typical time frame. When the kids get home, hang outside with them, and play some sports or go for a walk. All of these can help keep you active while balancing the school to life ratio that has emerged.


Include the Kids!

As we just alluded to, involving the kids can be a great way to keep yourself fit. No matter their age, you can find some outdoor activity that can get you and the kids to break a sweat. For the younger ones, try some “Simon Says” or tag. For the older ones, try engaging in whatever extracurriculars they have by helping them practice. Toss the ball around the yard with your future Phillies or Yankees superstar, go dancing in the park with your ballerina, or go for a run with your saxophone player to improve their lungs. These activities allow you to maintain your fitness while setting an excellent example for your kids as they start to form their routines.


Take Advantage of All That We Offer!

Last, but not least, we recognize that children of all ages might not be able to run around the park with you, well, at least not yet! At Tilton Fitness, we have a Kid’s Club that provides complimentary on-site babysitting services for our members! Head to our Kid’s Club page to review locations, hours, and other rules of kid’s club childcare, but seriously, don’t be afraid to utilize these services if it means you can get a good workout in with us for a little bit!


Overall, the start of school doesn’t mean the end of your fitness routines. Just as your kids will have to be flexible with their schedules as they adapt for the school year, you will have to a bit too when it comes to your gym schedule. Superior fitness and nutrition results start at home, and at Tilton Fitness, we know you have what it takes to exceed as another school year begins!


For more information on Kid’s Club, back-to-school training or fitness help, or to book a tour at one of our seven convenient New Jersey locations, CLICK HERE to contact Tilton Fitness today!

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