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Happy National Yoga Month!

Lifestyle - by Tilton Fitness
September 18, 2019

September is National Yoga Month! To celebrate, all month-long Tilton Fitness is doing our downward-facing-dog-darndest to raise awareness and educate our current, and prospective clients, into the health and lifestyle benefits of yoga!


At several of Tilton Fitness’ seven New Jersey locations, we offer yoga classes of varying intensities and experience levels. Below we will discuss some of the reasons we recommend integrating yoga classes into your fitness routine. You can review the current classes Tilton Fitness offers for yoga by clicking here.


Yoga Can Heal the Body

As both a mindfully meditative and physical practice, yoga has been studied by scientists and doctors alike for decades to discover how it can positively impact the physical body. For example, several of these studies indicate that yoga may reduce chronic inflammation due to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Yoga could also relieve migraines and lower your blood pressure.


Other similar studies have shown that regular yoga practices may help improve conditions for those with chronic pain. Several folks with knee and wrist injuries reported decreased pain and improved function in their injured areas than study participants that were not doing yoga.


Yoga Relieves the Mind

While the correlation between the physical acts performed in yoga (stretching, etc.) can point more directly to improvements in the body itself, the meditative practices have also shown to be helpful for the mind as well.


Many of our Tilton Fitness yoga students start to practice yoga to either relieve or cope with stress, anxiety, or some form of depression. Several studies have shown that practicing yoga as little as twice a week can help reduce cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress. The same goes for those who suffer from PTSD, alcoholism, and depression. Just a few weeks of practicing yoga could help decrease the frequency of symptoms occurring, as well as their associated destructive behaviors.


Besides the measurable decrease in cortisol, scientists aren’t sure how yoga helps the mind overall. Though not scientific, many authorities on the subject believe that the Yoga concepts of “being in the moment” and “finding peace” help battle these feelings and disorders.


Yoga Can Improve Promote Healthy Habits 

Taking a yoga class at our NJ gym locations can also help improve things such as your eating habits and your sleep schedule! Regularly practicing yoga can increase the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. Besides that, as mentioned above, yoga also helps decrease instances of anxiety or stress; two of the main factors that keep us up at night.


Click here for other great tips from Tilton Fitness on how to use exercise to sleep better!


While doing yoga won’t directly improve any poor eating habits (eating a triple cheeseburger while in child’s pose is not recommended), it is the sense of in-the-moment and mindfulness promoted in our NJ Yoga Classes that, if carried over to your diet, can be a significant gain. Being conscious about what you are eating, why you are eating it, and how it can impact you, also known as mindful or intuitive eating, can lead to improved eating habits, and better decisions. Making informed dietary choices can result in more thoroughly controlling blood sugar or weight gain, as well as reducing the power that disorders like binge eating have over you.


With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many friends and family of Tilton Fitness are engaging with our NJ gym yoga classes! Take this September, National Yoga Month, to try something new! Explore and expand your fitness and mindfulness horizons by incorporating the age-old tradition of yoga into your life!


For more information on yoga classes available near you- CLICK HERE to contact your nearest Tilton Fitness New Jersey location today!

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