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5 Tips for Fitness After 50

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
February 10, 2020

At Tilton Fitness, we dedicate ourselves to assisting our clients, just like you, to achieving a life of wellness and superior mental and physical shape. We know that this journey doesn’t start at the same age for every client, and some might stick at it longer, compared to others.


Whatever your unique journey and story- it is essential to know that you own your wellness narrative, and that is so vital to living a healthier life, and you should indeed be proud.


It’s not uncommon for folks who visit our Hazlet NJ gyms, or our six other convenient locations, to have started their fitness journey later in life, perhaps after a medical scare or grand re-awakening. We also see some gym-goers who have been “lifers” – and while they may not have started 20-30 years ago with us, they find themselves in our wings, working out today!


Admittedly, it’s no secret that as we age, our needs and points that we should be focusing on might change a bit compared to when we were young. With that in mind, we have compiled the following FIVE TIPS to help all of our FIERY FIFTY plus-year-old clients who are still going at it to know what could work best for them as they continue to age ever so gracefully!


Note: these are more broad-scope ideas, and your specific needs will vary compared to others. Please speak to your doctor, and if desired, ask a member of our training staff to help you develop a plan built just for you!



We see that most of our fifty-year-old clients love to hit the treadmills and stick to them for the majority of their time here. And while, no doubt, getting cardio in is a key to stay healthy and live long, it’s crucial to remember strength training as you age. After age 50, adults can begin to lose up to a half a pound of muscle mass every year. By participating in strength training, you can help combat that, and stay on top of your, yes, metabolism that continues to slow down even further.



Some of the main reasons that some folks drop out of their gym routine as they advance in age is due to their bodies not being as flexible, balanced, or able to “get up and go” as quickly as they used to. Before you begin your session, make sure you are stretching and warming up for at least five minutes to prepare for your workout correctly. Ask a trainer or staff member to show you some stretches that can help with flexibility, and exercises that deal with balance. While it may feel embarrassing at first that your balance and flexibility are seemingly diminishing, and you “should be able to do this still” – it’s not uncommon and is something that proper exercises CAN and WILL help improve.



Having a partner to hit our Tilton Fitness gym locations in Hazlet or at our six other NJ-based sites isn’t exclusively for those over 50, but it helps. By working out with a friend, you will stay motivated and be accountable for your wellness, more so than if you are going at it alone. You can encourage each other, share your goals, and work on achieving success as a team. We believe in this social camaraderie so much that we offer complimentary Small Group Passes so that you can witness firsthand the difference that using the buddy system in your workouts can make.



As we mentioned above, after age 50, your metabolism will continue to change, and that, of course, will impact and be impacted by your diet. It’s easy to think that older adults “know better” and don’t eat cookies and drink soda for dinner- but we know the reality. What you put into your body will fuel your workout differently than it did 10, 20 years ago, but also can affect your overall health much more critically. You probably didn’t think so much about things like your cholesterol and triglyceride levels as much then, but you should now. Please make sure you speak with your doctor about your current dietary decisions, and then go over their suggestions with one of our nutrition-focused specialists at Tilton Fitness. They will help you get the most of your workout AND meet any dietary guidelines that you need to be in tip-top shape!



Last, but certainly not least, as a full-grown adult over 50, you’ve probably heard the phrase (and maybe shuddered at it) “be a lifelong learner” before- and that is no different when it comes to your wellness and workouts. We encourage you not ever to be afraid to learn new techniques or exercises at the gym. Talk to staff, trainers, other members, and keep an eye on our website and social media for class schedules and other social events that serve as educational opportunities. There’s nothing we love more than sharing our love and knowledge for wellness with you so that you can take it and improve yourself, no matter your age!


For more information on how you can begin or continue your wellness journey with Tilton Fitness after age 50, contact our Hazlet NJ gym location, or CLICK HERE to review information on our six other convenient New Jersey locations today!

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