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Why Resistance Training is Important for Women

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
February 10, 2020

Here in the Tilton Fitness blog section, we do our best to provide answers for REAL questions related to your wellness and fitness. Usually, these topics are first broached by our clients in our Jackson NJ gyms, or at our six other locations, for our staff or trainers. After they heard and responded to a couple of times over, they are passed along to other staff members, and a few steps of composition and re-writes later, they work their way to the web for you to share, comment, and like.


We find that some of the topics we cover and answers we provide have some thread connecting them to the, well, Galaxy, I guess you can say.


For instance, folks will ask about how to find time for their workouts when they have children, at the beginning of autumn, where they might be asking about dieting and cookout-friendly-foods before the summer season begins.


One thread we haven't quite been able to find a lineage to but have received a few questions about from specifically our female clientele is about resistance training. Is it because the latest Star Wars film was released a few months ago and that prominently features Princess Leia's Resistance rebel fighters? Maybe. But regardless of how we got here, questions about what resistance training is, why is it important for women to do, and how they can get started in it are popping up left and right!


So, in a galaxy not so far, far away, we have used the force to put together answers to your biggest resistance training questions below!




So, before we start, there is a little bit of crossover between these two concentrations, with the means of accomplishing the workout differing slightly. In resistance training, you utilize objects such as dumbbells, free weights, resistance bands, machinery, or even your bodyweight to build muscle through…well…resistance.


In strength training, you are more going to focus on the lifting of weights or other heavy objects at low reps, specifically to gain strength as the primary goal.




After age 50, women especially begin to lose bone density and muscle mass faster than their male counterparts. One of the main benefits of resistance training is that it helps improve bone density and builds muscle at a rate that can counteract the natural atrophy that is occurring.  


Resistance training also helps you prepare for more of your "every day" challenges you might face as you get older, both physically and mentally. For instance, when lifting a heavy box. What you once did with such ease now might be more of a challenge. By adding resistance training to your workout repertoire, you can learn how to accomplish tasks like this, while feeling competent, coordinated, and independent about it. Not only that, but you can be learning how to push forward in these daily tasks safely and correctly.




While so many of the tools for proper and thorough resistance training sessions are available inside of our gym in Jackson, NJ, and six other locations, you really can get started with nothing but yourself at home!


The reason resistance training bares that name is that the act of physically resisting is at the front and center of all the possible exercises. For instance, using your body weight against itself is a form of resistance. How can you do that? Do pushups, pullups, and crunches. Putting you against yourself, making your arms lift your lower half or vice versa, is one of the first and easiest ways to practice resistance training.


Other forms of resistance training can include free weights, such as barbells, dumbbells, or weight bars. Another fantastic way to resistance train is to use rubber tubing. These large, colorful rubber band looking objects offer an inexpensive way to resistance train at home or here at Tilton Fitness.


Of course, once you get into your resistance training regimen, we know you will want to continue to push yourself forward. When that day comes, you can always ask our trainers about how to incorporate our circuit-style weight machines into your regimen, which you might not have access to at home.


For more information on how resistance training can benefit you, regardless of your age or gender, make sure to ask your Jackson NJ gym staff member, or CLICK HERE to review contact information for our six other New Jersey Tilton Fitness locations today!

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