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Why Physical Fitness Is Important to Business Leaders

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March 12, 2020

The modern workplace has completely changed in the past decade with a bigger emphasis on employee wellness. There are now wellness companies like Exubrancy that help corporations install fitness classes into their work culture. This coincides with a new breed of management style called organizational leadership, which Maryville University describes as encouraging positive change. These new leaders ensure that their teams are focused on collaborating to get the best results both through traditional work processes and introducing new concepts like wellness programs. However, often the focus is on helping employees stay fit and healthy with less attention put on the business leaders’ health. In this post, we will examine why it is just as important for business leaders to take care of their health and be physically fit.

Why leaders need to be physically fit

Increased productivity

Chairman and Managing Director of Alcobrew India Romesh Pandito told Entrepreneur that fit leaders are more productive, and are able to better face the day-to-day challenges of leading a business. Whether it's implementing changes in the company or starting a new training program, physically fit leaders will have the mindset to better handle decisions efficiently and effectively. In other words, the more physically fit you are, the more tasks you will be able to accomplish.

More energy

Entrepreneur Dick Costolo knows about this inseparability firsthand, admitting how being fit has given him enough energy to run his internet business. Costolo. He makes it a point to be more active the busier he gets, noting how 20 minutes of exercise is far better than 20 minutes of checking emails. Unsurprisingly, he regards getting fit as one of the best investments business leaders can ever make. This is a valid point because good fitness accomplishes more than just boosting your energy levels, it improves your overall health as well.

Brain boost

Staying physically fit involves a moderate amount of exercise — something most CEOs and business leaders, like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and billionaire Mark Cuban, do on a regular basis. This constant physical activity, in turn, boosts the brain. Research from UCLA shows that exercise enhances the brain’s ability to grow neuronal connections, thereby improving learning acquisition. That’s on top of enhanced brain plasticity, which leads to improved memory, increased attention span, and better cognitive functioning. In other words, physically fit leaders are likely to be smarter, more creative, and better learners. These improvements will all come in handy when there are problems to be solved, ideas to be fleshed out, and changes to be made.

Getting and keeping fit

As a business leader, it’s a given that you have lots of things to do. But that’s not an excuse, especially when you consider the fitness level of quinquagenarian Eric Schiffer. The Patriarch Group CEO is also a published author and a Fortune 500 consultant, making him a very busy man. However, he uses neither his age nor his busy schedule as an excuse not to get fit. Instead, he finds time to exercise regularly, even going to the gym for some strength training. If you are like Schiffer and need inspiration check out our 5 Tips for Fitness After 50.

In other words, you can never be too busy when it comes to getting fit. Make time for it, and you will be both a better leader and a better person. If you need help, feel free to drop by in any Tilton Fitness branch. We'll be more than happy to help you in your get-fit journey.

Written by Maribel Hamby exclusively for tiltonfitness.com

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